It was a wet and windy Snetterton that awaited Buildbase Suzuki for what was the second Official BSB test of 2021. 

What they had hoped to be a 3- day test was narrowed down to just 1, due to tough weather conditions engulfing the 2.9-mile circuit, making it near impossible to ride at any significant pace.

Nevertheless, optimism remained that day 2 would show some improvements, and so it did.  

BSB riders, Gino Rea and Danny Kent had three sessions to look forward to heading into the second day of the test. 

Both riders made great first impressions just 1 week earlier at Silverstone and were eager to continue building the foundation of what they hope to be a successful season.

Following their first outing of the day, Rea rolled back down pitlane having secured P14, followed by teammate, Kent in P24. 

It was a steady start to the day from the Hawk Racing Superbike squad, who gave Kent his first taste of Snetterton onboard their GSX-R1000R weapon. It was very much a learning session on the number 52 side of the garage.

After not riding at Snetterton since 2020, Rea used the session to get back up to speed with the track he began his journey at, with Buildbase Suzuki just 9 months ago. 

After their first run out, it was made more than clear that grip was an issue due to low track temperature. Left corners in particular, posed the riders with grip difficulty which ultimately led to steadier lap times. 

It was back to business for a 12:35 start to the second session. A red flag incident split the session with around 10 minutes remaining. Both riders improved on their previously set fastest lap time by a fair margin.

Rea finished the session narrowly missing out on a top 10 finish. He brought his number 44 machine back into the garage after having secured P11. Kent ended the session in P15, putting in a time 1.2 seconds shy of his teammates fastest lap.

The rain fell heavy for the third and final BSB session, which ended the day early. “Although the weather hasn’t been kind, it was still a productive day for us.” Said Rea. 

“We have some further updates to our electronics package, so we managed to get through that stuff in the couple of sessions we had. We’ll continue working with electronics and chassis going forward.”

Kent had a tough day getting to grips with just how to tackle the Snetterton 300 circuit onboard a superbike, but from here the only thing to do is learn and improve.

After Day 2, he said: “Today hasn’t been the best of days but still it was nice to spin some laps of Snetterton. I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as Silverstone as it’s a track I’ve had very little time on.” 

“With only limited track time- two 30-minute sessions, the first feelings were not too bad, I just need more laps to understand the best way to ride a superbike around here.”

The third and final day of the test brought another wash out. Therefore, no track action was able to go ahead. Fear not- the next official test will be held at Oulton Park in just under two weeks.

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