Away from the Racing with Tim Neave

This year, Tim Neave is returning for his second year aboard our GSX-R1000R Superstock machine. After not having thrown his leg over the stocker since the final round of last year, he’s itching to get started and counting down the days until the long-awaited season opener. Hopes are high that we’re in for another great year of racing, where hopefully some of you will be joining us trackside. 

With still a few months to wait until the season kicks off at Oulton Park, we had a chat with the Lincolnshire rider, to discuss what he’s been doing since Brands Hatch last year, how he’s preparing for the upcoming race season and what his goals are for the year ahead. 

How have you been trying to relax during the winter? “We were lucky being able to get out to Tenerife for a week at the start of November. Originally it was just meant to be a chilled one with my girlfriend, Lydia. My brother, Tom and my mate ended up joining and we met Glen and Andrew Irwin were out there with their family, it ended up turning into a bit of a lad’s holiday but still trying to relax after a good season of racing. I also rode at the Mallory Park Endurance race a few weeks after the season finished. That was some of the most fun I’ve had on a bike in years. There was no pressure at all, just great fun to go racing with a good bunch of lads and no pressure. 

What have been your preparations ahead of the season? “I stepped my training up after the final round so now I’m in better shape than ever. I’m just trying to do as much as I can, from cycling to bodyweight training. We’ve cobbled together some gym equipment so we can train from home. That’s the only way at the minute so we just need to make the most of what we’ve got. Me and my brother have been training on motocross bikes which mixes it up a bit. For me, there’s no substitute for riding. At the end of the day, we’re racing bikes, not racing gyms. If there’s an opportunity to get out on two wheels, that’s what I need to be doing. We’re just very fortunate to have somewhere to ride.”

After last season, how much are you looking forward to having fans and sponsors trackside? “I’m looking forward to hopefully having fans back this season. It just makes the atmosphere much better. I wasn’t too bothered last year but now I’ve had some good results, it would be great to have the fans and sponsors there to put a show on and give something back to all my sponsors who couldn’t be there last year. The racing needs the fans there to make it more real, it definitely makes you feel more alive when there’s people watching from around the track. We’ll hopefully be able to put on a good show for everyone this year and make up for everything lost in 2020.”

What are your expectations for this season? “The plan is to pick up where we left off last year. My goal is to win a load more races and fight for the championship title if possible. After getting some good results in 2020 and having a season under my belt with the team, I’ve got full belief that I’m in a great place. I want to prove that I’m worth a superbike ride. The plan will always be to keep progressing, but I feel like my natural place right now is to spend another year where I am and continuing to build up my experience.”

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